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How to handle Chargebacks? Do’s and Dont’s!


You received a chargeback notification and not sure what to do, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Read the notification. The reason for the chargeback is explained in the email. This correlates to the information that needs to be provided.
    • Not Authorised/Recognised – Proof the customer was aware of the booking. An email correspondence and brief description of the booking will help your case
    • Service not provided – Proof the customer either received the booking or not. A copy of the T&C’s and booking logs showing the customer accepted the T&C’s before completing the booking is needed.
    • Refund/Partial refund not provided – If a full or partial refund is agreed with the customer, please send this correspondence. A copy of the booking logs showing the customer accepted the T&C’s before completing the booking
  • Notify the customer immediately. In some cases, chargebacks are initiated in error and can be resolved by the customer contacting their bank.
  • Customer information. To ensure the booking is legitimate and to cross reference the information the credit card company has, Payyo will need the customer’s details (Name, email, phone number, address, if applicable), any correspondence with the customer and any confirmation emails or tickets issued to the customer.
  • Booking information. Booking confirmation or any extra details about the booking
  • Send us any additional information you have.If the service was provided, the following information can be beneficial:
    • Passenger list
    • Signed activity waiver form / signed check-in form
    • Photo packages
    • Photocopy of ID
  • The more the Merrier! We do not mean chargebacks of course. The more information about the customer and their booking that can be provided, the better the chances of winning the chargeback
  • Do not ignore the chargeback email. Every chargeback counts towards an overall risk score. If the chargeback is ignored, the case will be closed in favour of the cardholder and the money will be returned to their account
  • Every lost chargeback includes a fee. If a chargeback is ignored, the fee will apply as the chargeback will be considered lost.
  • Chargebacks are not refunds! Although the outcome is the same, the customer gets their money back, the process is very different. There are much higher fees involved for losing chargebacks
  • Don’t blame Payyo. We are here to help you. In most cases, we only get one chance to submit information for review so we may need further information before everything is submitted.
Chargebacks may seem daunting and can be very frustrating. Remember, we are here to help! If you have any questions, contact support@payyo.ch.
Updated on April 27, 2022

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