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3DS Time Limitations

In the ever-evolving landscape of online security, 3D Secure authentication stands as a crucial mechanism for enhancing the safety of online transactions. 

3DS authentication is a two-factor authentication protocol designed to add an additional layer of security for online transactions. It typically involves the verification of the cardholder’s identity through one-time passwords, biomerics, or other authentication methods.

One noteworthy limitation arises when the capture of a transaction is delayed beyond a 7-day timeframe. In such cases, the 3DS authentication, which is designed to be time sensitive, may no longer be applicable. The authentication data generated during the initial transaction may expire or become invalid after this period, rendering it ineffective in providing the intended security measure. 

To maintain the validity of 3DS protection, it is crucial to settle transactions within a 7-day time frame. Any transactions falling outside this specified window will not be covered by 3DS, making them susceptible to potential disputes such as Unauthorized or Not Recognized. 

Timely settlement within the stipulated period is essential to ensure the continued effectiveness of 3DS safeguards and minimize the risk of unauthorized dispute. 

Updated on January 29, 2024

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