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How is the KYC process?

The KYC process has 6 steps:

Terms and service

Before a merchant can start receiving Payouts he/she will need to complete the KYC process and become verified. The first time a merchant opens the Payyo / Integrator link, it will ask him to accept the Terms of Service.

Business Structure

In the business structure section, you select your business model.

In the legal information area, you will find a form that you need to fill out.

Bank account

In the Bank account area, you will need to complete this form with your bank account information. 


Document is the area where you will need to upload all the documents we need to check in order to verify the identity of your business. Those documents need to be provided in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or French. 


The last step of the KYC process is where you will have a confirmation of the status of your KYC account.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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