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Pay by invoice – what you need to know

Find here an overview of the most important facts about the alternative payment method “Kauf auf Rechnung” (processed by Swissbilling).

A customer makes a booking and chooses to pay by invoice as preferred payment method. How does the payment process work?
The customer is redirected to the payment page of Swiss Billing (available in German or French). There the customer confirms the address (with the confirmation he/she also agrees to the terms and conditions of SWISSBILLING, see here). Swissbilling checks the billing address and if it matches, the booking is successfully created and the invoice is sent.

The shipping method is selected by the customer during checkout. Swissbilling sends invoices by email or by mail (see fees in the next section).

The invoice must be paid to Swissbilling within a period of 30 days. For more information, see the terms and conditions above.

What fees will be charged to the customer?
Invoice fee incl. dispatch via e-mail: CHF 2.00
Invoice fee incl. dispatch by post: CHF 4.00
Invoice fee incl. dispatch via post plus counter fee for post office counter deposit: CHF 6.50

Fee per installment: CHF 3.00 or 2% of the total amount if it exceeds CHF 450.00.

*Shipping method and installment payment can be selected by the customer in Swissbilling Checkout. All costs incurred are displayed transparently.

How long does it take for the customer to receive the invoice after a successful booking?
The customer has the option to select the way the invoice is sent in the checkout (see fees above).
The invoice can be sent by e-mail or by post.

Sending time by e-mail: approx. 1 hour after booking time
Sending time by mail: approx. 5 days after booking time

A booking needs to be cancelled. What is the cancellation process?

  1. The booking is cancelled in the Payyo back office.
  2. If the customer has not yet paid the invoice:
    Done, no further steps required
  3. If the customer has already paid the invoice:
    The customer should provide the bank details by email to support@swissbilling.ch without being asked. If this is not done within 90 days, Swissbilling will charge a fee of CHF 25.00.

When will the customer get the money back?
The refund process takes a maximum of 15 days. The full invoice amount will be refunded and no fee will be charged for the refund.

Is there a limit for the invoice amount?
The following amount limits apply per Swissbilling invoice:

For new customers: CHF 4’000.00
Please note: There can only be one unpaid invoice per new customer. If a new customer shows an unpaid invoice, he/she is not allowed to activate further payments on invoice via Swissbilling.

For existing customers: CHF 4’000.00
An existing customer is allowed an unlimited number of open invoices (up to a total value of CHF 4’000.00)

Contact Swissbilling Support!
Do you have questions about a bill that this article can’t answer? Swissbilling will be happy to answer any further questions you may have:

By e-mail to support@swissbilling.ch or also by phone via 058 226 10 50.

For more information check also How does Swissbilling’s dunning process work?




Updated on May 15, 2024

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