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Rebates – Vouchers

Allowing their customers to redeem voucher codes is a common functionality of marketplaces. This leads to customers paying a reduced price – or nothing at all and can be a good marketing tool. 

However, the merchant still needs to be paid the full amount. Payyo supports this functionality both for partial and full vouchers via its rebates feature.

Currently, Payyo supports direct integration with the Swiss vouchers system e-guma, but we can easily integrate other vouchers platforms too. 


A customer wants to do a booking on a merchant website at the value of CHF 300 and has a voucher of CHF 100 from the marketplace. 

On the check-out page the customer will be allowed to add his voucher code:

CHF200 will be debited from his card, 

CHF 300 will be paid out to the Merchant and the amount of the voucher will be automatically charged to the marketplace. 


  • This example is based on the integration with e-guma, other integrations may have different configurations 
  • Fees will be charged in the process but were not mentioned. Please contact us for more details. 

To know how to integrate this option into your Payyo account please check https://developers.payyo.ch/releases/rebates or contact your account manager.

Updated on August 2, 2022

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