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January 2021: Dispute section in your Payyo backoffice

To keep a better overview of Chargebacks, Payyo integrated a Dispute section in the backoffice. With the available filter, Chargebacks can be found with two different criteria: 

  • Dispute Details
  • Transaction Details

Within those criterias there are different search options available. Find here an overview of them and the explanation:

Dispute Details Transaction Details 
Dispute ID  Payyo’s internal dispute ID  Transaction ID  Payyo transaction ID (see transaction section in backoffice)
Case ID  Acquirer ID  Transaction Date  Date when the customer processed the transaction 
Reason  Customer reason why the charge has been disputed  Merchant Reference Merchant booking number 
Dispute Status  Open, won or lost Funding Instrument Mask  Customers CC number or IBAN 
Open Date  Date when the customer initiated the dispute Customer Name  Name of the buyer 
Amount  Disputed amount 
Currency  Dispute currency (initial transaction currency)

With the export function below the search fields a list can be exported in Excel format.

You are not sure anymore what chargebacks are or how they are being handled?
In our Knowledge base here you find everything you need to know about. 

Please feel free to ask any left over questions directly to our support team: support@payyo.ch

Updated on February 17, 2021

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