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What do the different transaction status mean?

When checking the transaction details you will find a status for each transaction. Here you find the description what the status mean:

INITIALIZED = Payment initialized by cardholder by clicking “pay now” but process not finished.

ABORTED = Transaction was initiated but was either stopped or failed and therefore never completed.

AUTHORIZED = The amount related to the transaction is blocked and available for the merchant to capture at a later stage whenever the merchant requires.

VOIDED = There is no transaction on the end user, simply the amount that was blocked on the credit card available balance will be released after a while but will never show on the statement. 

CAPTURED = Some APM are not settled right away. SOFORT and Direct Debit transactions can take a few days until the transaction has the final settled call by the acquirer. 

CANCELLED = After capturing and instead of settling the transaction, it was cancelled. Most common reason for a transaction to be cancelled is the api call from the payment gateway was cancelled for some reason.

SETTLED = The buyer has made a payment/the transaction has occurred.

DISPUTED = Chargeback 

REFUNDED = Tour/service did not occur/was cancelled, refund has been done. 

Find here the transaction life cycle. 




Updated on February 17, 2021

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